Uncover The Secret Language of Your Body

Please join Inna Segal, the bestselling, award-winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body, for the deeply transformational event.

You may be familiar with the obvious ways your body communicates with you through aches, pains, sensations and discomfort.

But what if there was a deeper, more mysterious, subtle way that your body was trying to get messages across to you?

What if understanding this hidden language meant a choice between living your life – fully, consciously and powerfully or being a victim of dis-ease, struggle and frustration?

What if learning this secret language and applying its wisdom was the key to your healing, inner guidance, self-refinement and evolution?

Would you be willing to learn?

Can you imagine having the ability to deeply understand the hidden world inside you and around you and to speak the language that your body, heart, soul and spirit understood?

In this two-day immersion Inna will explore how:

You can begin to befriend and listen to your body.

Understand the messages your body is sharing with you.

Release limiting emotions – i.e Fear.

Ground and reconnect to your body.

Release pain.

Discover the power of Colour Healing.

Strengthen your sense of inner self.

Create new and healthy boundaries.

Learn how to most effectively work with, The Secret Language of Your Body to release ailments and diseases!

Discover where and when your ailment/ dis-ease really started and how to work with it.

Release stress, tension and closure in your heart and experience profound healing.

Learn how to regenerate your nervous system.

And many more...


Jennifer L’Estrange Mayhew

Thank you, Inna and, from the depths of my heart. So grateful to have experienced healing on so many levels. For me, the effects of the different processes, was instant healing. Amazingly intense and effective.

Tee Bee (Chiropractor)

Wow! what an amazing 2 days. It’s hard to put into words how transformational it was. The weekend was so inspiring. I literally feel like a new person. I feel like “the lights are switched on”. The teachings and the processes lifted a veil and awakened a part of me that I didn’t know was sleeping. This veil has been stopping me from growing & living my truth. When you experience something like this, it touches you so deep that you can’t un-know it. The weekend was priceless! The teachings continue to allow me to step into life with clarity and confidence. Thank you so much!

Michelle Loeser

What a true blessing to have Inna on our Earth at this present time. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge, insights and love. A fantastic workshop!

Nic Galloway

Thanks Inna Segal, you are truly opening the channels for people to have real awakening & healing at the deepest levels.

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