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30 days to more

abundance challenge

Join a 30-day journey transforming your relationship with money and prosperity based on Inna Segal's years of research and practices.

What's Inside

Each day focuses on empowering activities, which take a short amount of time but move you closer to your goals and dreams. In this audio program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Take charge over your ability to manifest abundance.

  • Explore your comfort level with money, challenging limiting beliefs.

  • Set clear intentions for weekly income increases and align short-term goals.

  • Visualize and embrace the prosperity awaiting you. 

  • Craft visual masterpieces of your dreams, igniting a golden wave of energy behind your goals.

  • Take concrete steps towards your dreams, honouring commitments and celebrating achievements.

  • Continue with themes like "Gratitude Unleashed," "Perfectly Aligned Living," and "Treat Yourself Well."

  • Harness intuition, explore inspiration, and build unwavering confidence.

  • Release doubts, cultivating a prosperity mindset and wealth mindfulness.

  • Reflect on your progress, acknowledge accomplishments, and consider repeating certain practices for sustained success.

Embark on this life-changing audio experience, where each day unveils new perspectives for a wealthier, more successful you. Elevate your life with the "30 Days to More Abundance Challenge” Your journey to prosperity awaits!


30 Days To More Abundance Challenge


  • Introduction - Become Money Magnet

  • Become a Money Magnet - Choose A Quiet Place Where You Can Make Yourself Comfortable

  • Day 1: Become a Money Magnet - The Law of Co Creation

  • Day 2: How Much Money Do You Feel Comfortable Within Your Hand?

  • Day 3: Make an intention of how much money you would like to receive a week

  • Day 4: Spend Some Time Writing Down Your Short Term Goals

  • Day 5: Review Your Short-Term Goals and Write Down What Your Medium-Term Goals Are

  • Day 6: Read Over Your Short-Term and Medium-Term Goals and Write Down Your Long-Term Goals

  • Day 7: Create a Picture Montage of What You Would Love In Your Life

  • Day 8: Think of Something You Would Really Love to Achieve.

  • Day 9: The Most Solid Way To Create Is To Take One Step At A Time Towards Your Goals

  • Day 10: Make Sure You Take Some Action Steps Towards Your Goals

  • Day 11: Write Down 10 Things That You Have, Which You Value Highly And Feel Grateful For?

  • Day 12: Anytime You Feel Stressed About Anything, Especially Anything To Do With Your Goals

  • Day 13: Treat Yourself. What Have You Been Putting Off That You Have Really Wanted To Do?

  • Day 14: Develop Your Intuition

  • Day 15: Write Down The Names Of 5 to 10 People Who Inspire You

  • Day 16: Everyone Can Benefit From Guidance And Other People Experiences

  • Day 17: Work On Releasing Your Doubts Rather Than Buying Into Doubts

  • Day 18: Bright Out All The Ways You Limit Your Prosperity

  • Day 19: Spend 10 Minutes Brainstorming

  • Day 20: If You Feel Like You Want To Have Money, Success or Abundance.

  • Day 21: Just As It Is Important To Feel Abundant On The Inside, It Is also Important To Feel It On The Outside

  • Day 22: Success is a Decision

  • Day 23: Many People Say That They Are Afraid of Failure

  • Day 24: Make a Decision To Use Rejection ss a Motivational Force

  • Day 25: Today We're Gonna Practise Allowance

  • Day 26: Define What Success really Means To You

  • Day 27: Be Open To Abundance

  • Day 28: Spend Some Time Looking Around at What You Think Doesn't Work

  • Day 29: Imagine That You Have A Million Dollars

  • Day 30: When You Have Goals And Intentions, Part Of Being Successful is Completing Them