Intuition: Looking for Signs to Make Important Choices


Whether you need to heal your body, make a significant life decision, connect to an important person, safeguard your life, or find a solution to a work challenge, effective use of your intuition is a major key.

To be intuitive means to be able to access the wise all-knowing aspect of yourself and then to decipher the messages you receive and make empowering choices. Intuitive insights can come to you when you are awake, while meditating, dreaming, taking a shower, exercising, connecting to your body, or simply relaxing. While you may be more likely to access your intuition when you are in a meditative state, it can arise at any point, including often during a time of crisis.


Mona Lisa Schulz, in her book Awakening Intuition, writes, “Intuition is an internal form of perception of things that are not directly in front of us in the world. It’s an inner sight, a form of hearing, body sense, and emotion. It’s actually common to all the other senses and an enhancement of them. What differentiates intuition from other senses is the unique form of expression it takes in each individual.”


The Difference between Regular Thought and Intuition

The difference between regular thoughts and intuition is the quality of information you receive. Thoughts come and go while intuition is often a persistent feeling. Thoughts are changeable; intuition is more profound and feels like an inner knowing. Thoughts are often based on linear thinking; intuition is spontaneous, surprising and natural. Thoughts are fleeting, but intuition is often accompanied by bodily sensations and unexplained occurrences.

Your intuition will not necessarily give you the message you want to receive. This is one of the reasons you may tend to ignore it.

Intuition develops when you are willing to pay attention to your feelings and follow your hunches. Like exercising a muscle, the more you use your intuition, the more confidence you instill in yourself and the stronger your instincts become. The greatest power of intuitive insights is their ability to change the course of your actions and hence your life.

Your intuition awakens when you allow yourself to embrace your sensitivity, feel your emotions, and connect with nature. As you relax and allow yourself to get in touch with your body, you start to see the world around and within you from a different perspective. You begin to pay attention to messages from your body as well as the intelligence of the universe and your soul.


How to Recognize Intuition

Whenever I have inquired from my workshop participants how they recognize an intuitive insight, most have said, they experience a feeling of certainty, a knowing which is often sudden, emotional, and not based on logic or prior knowledge of the details involved. They may receive an unexpected understanding, a vision, the cause of a particular health or life issue, the answer to a question they have been pondering, or guidance of what they have to do.

Some people also talk of tingling sensations, feeling changes in temperature, smelling scents, or experiencing a particular taste in their mouth. Others hear sounds, receive guidance through universal signs, or use cards, astrology, numerology, dreams, and other methods. Everyone is different and receives information in their unique way.

Your intuition becomes your compass, a navigating device that assists you to be flexible, adjusting your course based on internal wisdom as well as the external circumstances of your life.


Recognising the signs

Signs can appear in your life in many different ways in order to guide you. Paolo Coelho, the best-selling author of The Alchemist, shared with me that when he finds a white feather it is his sign to write a new book. Several of my workshop participants have talked about various signs that let them know if they are on the right track. For instance, Carole shared that when she dreams about flying she knows abundance is coming into her life. Fran explained that when she finds money on the ground it is a sign to be careful as she or someone close to her may lose money. Tom told me that he had three people offer him the same book within a week, which leads him to understand about his physical condition. Melissa, who was doing a job she hated and kept having car accidents. When she realised that her job was literally killing her, she changed the work and the accidents stopped.

To receive signs you may ask a question such as: ‘Universal Intelligence or the wisdom of my body please show me the next step I need to take.’ Then wait and be aware of any unusual events or persistent messages. They can come from dreams, people, a song you hear a book that falls off the shelf, etc. Be aware of your feelings, if your message or sign feels good then take steps forward. 

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