Understanding Emotions Which Cause Disease

The interconnection between unresolved emotions and disease is undeniable. Most people know that when they feel stressed, run down, angry and resentful their bodies begin to break down. This is a way our bodies communicate with us, telling us to stop pushing away our emotions and start dealing with them.

Best-selling author, Dr Bernie Siegel says, “If we do not pay attention to our feelings and the messages from our body then our body will assume we do not enjoy life and get us out of here as quickly as possible.”

He advises, “to stop living your untrue self’s life, which others imposed upon you, and to eliminate not yourself but what is killing you. Thus, by paying attention to the messages from within your body, saving your life.”

If we want to have any chance of living happy, healthy lives we can no longer afford to lie to ourselves and to suppress our emotions. However, to deal with our feelings we must first understand what they are and how we created them.


Many people suppress their emotions unconsciously as a protective mechanism because on some level they feel that they cannot handle the pain and intensity of feelings they are experiencing. They may also not know how to let go of destructive emotions.

As a Visionary Intuitive Healer, I have found in my own experience of healing my back pain and with my clients that emotions do not disappear simply because we don’t feel them or we suppress them. In fact, emotions often stay in the body until they are recognized and let go of. If this does not happen, dense and heavy emotions can contribute to disease, dysfunction, and limitation.

I have worked with many people who have discovered stagnant emotions from thirty, forty and fifty years or longer, which have caused them struggle, unhappiness and ill health. 

Lauren was 65 when she came to see me. She had experienced depression since she was ten years old, because of the load of responsibilities she had carried. She felt that to be accepted she had to please everyone. Lauren did not know how to say no. After recognizing this, she regularly began to release dense and negative emotions.

Within a short time, Lauren was almost unrecognizable. She stood tall, felt empowered, spoke and felt like what she had to say mattered, began to say no to others where appropriate, yes to herself, and most of all enjoyed being Lauren.

Following Lauren’s dramatic transformation, people began to comment to her on how good she looked, how happy she was, how much they enjoyed spending time with her. She began to work with younger people, inspiring them to do their best. Lauren connected to her authentic self, which had no limitations about what she could do or be.

Another client, Tess, had for years suffered from frequent headaches. When she was younger her mother was very judgmental and Tess learned to be self-critical, insecure and controlling. When Tess recognized those qualities in herself she began to use emotional techniques I teach to release them. Within a few weeks, her headaches had gone. Tess worked on many aspects of herself in order to feel more emotionally balanced. In fact, she also taught her young children to express their emotions in a healing way. The processes helped her son’s eczema to clear and her daughter’s asthma to completely disappear.


I believe you have the capacity to experience peace, clarity, and joy if you are given the tools. Changing your life has a tremendous impact on your family, friends and with all those, you come into contact.


Understanding Emotions


Resentment is deep hurt that is suppressed and unexpressed, which becomes anger. Often resentment is directed toward a family member or someone close to you. Resentment frequently comes about when you feel that you have been treated unfairly or taken advantage of.

Long term resentment can lead to tumors, syphilis, osteoporosis, lupus, back pain etc


Many problems in your body and life occur when you are feeling stuck, inflexible and attached to one point of view. This often takes place when the same thoughts or scenarios play themselves over and over in your mind.

Long-term stuckness or stiffness can lead to varicose veins, sciatica, RSI, rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, obesity, mouth ulcers, kidney problems and a host of other diseases. 



The whole justice system is based on the guilty and the innocent. We all know that guilt has strong consequences. Consciously or subconsciously guilt is associated with punishment, jail and a need to serve a sentence.

Guilt also requires judgment, which can lead to shame and embarrassment. Guilt and shame eat away at the body because many people believe that they need to hold on to their guilt in order to be punished. This belief is a form of self sabotage.

Guilt is associated with hip problems, migraines, weight issues, venereal disease, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, insomnia, sinusitis, impotence, hernia and heart disease.


Feeling worthless can create depression and fatigue, because of your belief that you can not do anything of value. This often creates severe self criticism and judgment.

 When we carry low self esteem and unworthiness the body tends to break down, which can lead to acne, weight problems, diabetes, genital herpes, ovarian cancer, scleroderma, ulcers, warts and memory loss.


Rejection is an emotion which can stay with a person for many years and cause detriment to their relationships and wellbeing. Often, people take rejection personally, thinking that they are not good enough or that there is something wrong with them. So instead of going forward and changing, they give up, close down and feel sorry for themselves.

Feelings of rejection contribute to many diseases and dysfunction such as; anorexia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, paralysis, numbness, cold sores, and frigidity. It can also create breakdown, stress, nervous anxiety and tension.

These are just some of the challenging emotions we need to deal with. In my book The Secret Language of Your Body I explain about many more dense emotions and teach you how to release them. Below is a general process you can begin to use to clear negative or destructive emotions.



Place your hands on the part of the body where you feel the feeling most intensely. Breathe into that area for a few moments, and allow any emotion to rise to the surface with little resistance. Then relax your hands.

Divine Healing Intelligence, using the orange-red flame of purification please dissolve all destructive, limiting, stagnant,________________ (put in the emotion you are working with.) emotions from my cellular memories, mind and energy field. Help me to release limited points of view and let go of all hardness in my mind and emotions.

Work with me to release patterns of strain, struggle, effort and resistance. Please melt away all blockages in my mind, body and emotions which obstruct my flow of energy and circulation. Thank you.

Observe the orange-red flame move through your body, mind, emotions and energy field and begin to dissolve all negative thoughts, words, feelings, memories and images associated with a particular person, place or experience that has bound you.