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Decoding The Secret Language of Your Body

Please join Inna Segal, the bestselling, award winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body and Awaken the Healer Within.

You may be familiar with the obvious ways your body communicates with you through aches, pains, sensations and discomfort.

But what if there was a deeper, more mysterious, subtle way that your body was trying to get messages across to you?

What if understanding this language meant a choice between living with your life fully, grandly and powerfully or being a victim of dis-ease, struggle and limitation?

What if learning this secret language was the key to your healing, your inner guidance and success in every area of your life? Would you be willing to learn?

Can you imagine having the ability to deeply understand the hidden world inside you and to speak the language that your body, heart and soul understood?

During this 4hour Workshop You Will:
- Discover the language in which your body communicates with you

-Understand what element create disease and a variety of ailments in your body

-Discover what the real meanings are behind certain illnesses and diseases

- Understand how to work most effectively with Inna’s Book The Secret Language of Your Body in order to heal your body and your life
- Experience the power of energy and colour healing to revitalize your body

Discover which emotions have the strongest impact on your body and immune system and best ways to work with them.

Understand what mindset creates the best healing results

Discover what the left and right sides of your body have to share with you
- Practical and Simple exercises to discover messages from your body and release pain

This is your unique opportunity to experience Inna live and ask her questions which can help to change your life

Early bird tickets purchased before 13th October - $195 , after this date $235.

* The first 10 people to book in can send a question about a particular ailment that they would like Inna to Discuss.

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