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Freedom from pain

This audio program contains powerful short processes that you can do anytime to release pain from your body, activate your divine healing power, release your stuck emotions and connect to beautiful healing feelings.

What's Inside

By listening to these healing tracks:

  • You will be encouraged to tune into a specific part of your body and receive messages about the pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

  • You will then share loving messages with your body creating an optimal environment for pain relief and regeneration.

  • You will also be guided to connect with your innate intelligence and work with it in conjunction with specific colours to cleanse, purify and dissipate any painful or heavy energy that you may be carrying

Thorough Inna’s gentle guidance you will invite greater healing, vitality and strength into your life. She will also impart powerful statements that you can repeat in order to release stuck or stagnant emotions which could be contributing to your pain or a sense of exhaustion.

By working regularly with the last track you will be able to experience more pleasure, happiness, confidence and enjoyment in life. Becoming more exuberant, energetic and dynamic


Freedom From pain


  • Introduction - Freedom from Pain

  • Experience pain relief

  • activate your divine healing power

  • healing your stuck emotions

  • create joy & pleasure

Approximate Running Time: 50 min


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