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From Stress

This audio program contains powerful short processes and a music track that you can listen to at any time to release stress, tension and fatigue from your body.

What's Inside

In this program Inna Segal guides you to most effectively deal with stress and release worry and tension at home and at work. You will learn to utilise, simple, yet incredibly effective processes to bring more calm, healing, peace, circulation and nourishment into your life.

The soft calming music has been especially created to allow your nervous system to unwind,

soothe and renew providing your body with gentle, peaceful vibrations.

Any time you experience doubt, frustration, tension and worry pop one of the audios on or do an exercises that Inna has guided you through and observe as you start to transmute those limiting heavy energies into light.

This program will assist to you to experience a state of:

  • Softness

  • Presence

  • Relaxation and

  • Balance


Freedom From Stress


  • Introduction - Freedom from Stress

  • Relax, Regenerate, and Heal

  • Release Worry & Stress

  • Release Stress, Balance Your Hormones And Emotions

  • Releasing Stress At Work

  • Release Fatigue And Boost Your Energy

  • Freedom From Stress Relaxation Music St

Approximate Running Time: 50 min


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