Lose Weight fast


Lose Weight fast

Are you ready to shed emotional, mental, and physical weight and to unveil the secrets to a healthier, slimmer you?

What's Inside

This audio program contains 3 processes that can help your lose weight, increase your energy, stimulate your creativity and awaken your willpower.  

Throughout this program you will be able to identify and release many of the feelings which have caused you to put on weight as well as to hold on to weight. You will be stirred to work hand in hand with your Divine Intelligence to stimulate your metabolism, release cravings for junk food and awaken a desire for healthy, nourishing food and beverages. You will also be motivated to find the most enjoyable exercise program for you.

The more you work with this audio program the more you will clarify your true motivation for losing weight. You’ll also envisage the kind of body you would love to have and then energetically embrace it. So that your inner self can start to reshape your current body into your ideal body shape.

You will also be INTRODUCED to several colour healing techniques that can assist your body’s innate intelligence to melt any extra weight off and most importantly to keep it off.

If you have been feeling stuck, frustrated, confused why you can’t move this unwanted weight from your body and life then this audio program is for you.

This audio program requires you to fully participate in the processes through doing very simple and specific actions in order to magnify the power your inner self possesses, in order to help you experience your ideal body. So, make sure you listen to the instructions and have all the tools available to you before you do the processes, including white and the red glass and the red blanket.

The processes are quite short but powerful. For best results we recommend working with the first two processes in the morning or afternoon and the last process in the evening, just before falling asleep so that you can enhance your weight loss journey while you sleep. Of course, you can also do all three in the evening.


Lose Weight Fast


  • Introduction - how to use this CD for greatest effect

  • Fat Burner (melt away the fat)

  • Accelerate Your Weight Loss

  • Lose Weight While You Sleep

Approximate Running Time: 50 min