What's Inside

Unlock the secrets to Memory Enhancement!

Dive into the realm of accelerated learning with our expert guide, Inna Segal, and experience a journey designed to supercharge your study goals and elevate your memory to new heights.

Embark on a unique auditory adventure as Inna Segal introduces you to a powerful process that blends intutive healing techniques with specially crafted music by Philip Gal Bach and Paul Morris Segal. This captivating combination aims to stimulate your brain, boost study success, and enhance your memory.

The carefully curated blend of healing frequencies and melodies at 60 beats per minute creates a stress-free, high-energy environment for effective learning. The Memory Enhancement process is your gateway to a relaxed state of alertness, inviting you to explore the unlimited potential of your mind.

Track 2: Memory Enhancement Process - Planting Seeds of Knowledge

Step into a quiet haven, close your eyes, and follow Inna's guidance as she takes you through a process to optimize your learning experience. Visualize the yellow rays of sunlight washing away confusion and resistance, creating a fertile field in your mind. Through imagination and creativity, plant seeds of knowledge, watch them sprout, and visualize the flourishing results.

Track 3: Harmonic Symphony - The Soundtrack to Success
Immerse yourself in Track 3, a harmonious symphony designed to accompany your journey of accelerated learning and memory enhancement. Let the music weave through your mind, enhancing your focus and elevating your study sessions to new heights. The synergy between the melodies and your learning process creates an experience that transcends traditional study methods.

Track 4: Rhythmic Resonance - Elevate Your Mind
In Track 4, experience the power of Rhythmic Resonance, a composition that resonates with your mind's natural rhythm. This auditory masterpiece serves as a tool to further accelerate your learning and reinforce memory enhancement. Let the rhythm guide you through a seamless blend of music and mind, unlocking the full potential of your cognitive abilities.

Explore the wonders of Memory Enhancement through our meticulously crafted audio collection. Uncover the secrets to accelerated learning, and transform your study sessions into an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Your path to success begins with the symphony of knowledge and the rhythm of memory enhancement.


Memory Enhancement


  • Introduction - Memory Enhancement

  • Memory Enhancement Process

  • Harmonic Symphony Music

  • Rhythmic Resonance Music

Approximate Running Time: 1Hr 3mins