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Awaken your Intuitive Body & Secrets of Soul Healing-Inna Segal

Join Inna Segal with these rare and deeply trans-formative events

Inna Segal is the award winning best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness and The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions. She has also created The Secret Language of Colour Cards and Heal Yourself Reading Cards and many healing audio programs. Inna is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker and author.

Inna’s work is supported by medical doctors and natural health practitioners from virtually every modality.
Inna is a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She can “see” illness and blocks in a person’s body by intuitive means, explain what is occurring, and guide people through self-healing processes.

* Sat 21st March - Awaken Your Intuitive Body
* Sun 22nd March -Secrets of Soul Healing

Reserve your space either setting up a p/plan or contacting me immediately

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* Sat 21st March - Awaken Your Intuitive Body 9-5.30pm

You may be familiar with the obvious ways your body communicates with you through aches, pains, sensations and discomfort.
But what if there was a deeper, more mysterious, subtle way that your body was trying to get messages across to you?

What if understanding this hidden language meant a choice between living your life – fully, consciously and powerfully or being a victim of dis-ease, struggle and frustration?
What if learning this secret language and applying its wisdom was the key to your healing, inner guidance, self-refinement and evolution?
Would you be willing to learn?
Can you imagine having the ability to deeply understand the hidden world inside you and around you and to speak the language that your body, heart, soul and spirit understood?

During this Workshop You Will:

- Discover how to begin to recognise the language with which your body communicates
- Truly understand what elements can create dis-ease in your body and what you can do to start creating change today?
- Learn simple but powerful exercises of how to ground yourself
- Participate in a profound heart opening process
- Discover the power of thinking, feeling and willing in healing.
- Understand the absolute importance of working with the power of your “I am” or “true self” to penetrate into deeply hidden areas of your inner being in order to have the possibility of healing the most difficult conditions.
- Experience how to work with your cellular memories to release old stagnant energy
- Understand why healthy boundaries are crucial in order to keep your vitality
- Participate in a movement based healing process to teach your Astral body how to keep healthy boundaries.
- Discover what the feminine and masculine aspects of your body are trying to teach you
- Experience the power of energy and colour healing to revitalize your body.
- Learn how to work most effectively with Inna’s Book The Secret Language of Your Body in order to heal your body and your life.
- Understand how to create a map which can guide your healing practice.
- Become aware of the new and updated information Inna has discovered since she wrote The Secret Language of Your Body. (This could be the real key to your transformation.)
- Experience a rare opportunity to ask Inna questions.
This powerful workshop will offer you profound insight into your health and how to heal yourself, it’s not to be missed!

* Sun 22nd March -Secrets of Soul Healing 9-5.30pm

This workshop builds on The Secret Language of Your Body and Beyond works-hop It delves deeper into healing process and explores what is held in your energy bodies and how you can begin to work with them. (You can take this workshop on its own although it is preferable that you have attended The Secret Language of Your Body workshop or are at least familiar with Inna’s work.)

- Discover the role your Energy bodies plays in your wellness (In particular your Astral, Mental and Emotional Soul bodies.)
- Understand the impact your ancestral memories have on your body and life. Deepen your understanding of you Etheric Body- (and that your level of vitality, depends on the condition of your etheric body.)
- Work with an Etheric Vitality process to regain your energy and strengthen your immune system. Discover the importance of being incarnated in your body and the role of your Ego.
- Awaken the power of your etheric hands in order to experience profound healings on yourself and with others.
- Explore how your past lives can influence your health and create karmic health conditions. Participate in powerful healing exercises.
- Experience a rare opportunity to ask Inna questions

Sat workshop :
$365pp Super Early / $395 Early Bird /$485pp thereafter
Sun workshop:
$365pp Super Early / $395 early bird / $485 thereafter
$685pp Super Early / $795pp Early Bird / $945pp Regular

Processing fees also apply
Super Early bird Expires - 24th Jan 2020
Early Bird Expires - 21st Feb 2020


More detailed info available here :
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''What a true blessing to have Inna and Ty on our Earth at this present time. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge, insights and love. A fantastic workshop!''-Michelle Loeser

''Thanks Inna Segal, you & Ty are truly opening the channels for people to have real awakening & healing at the deepest levels. So very much appreciate the time, energy & effort you put into making these memorable workshops'' - Nic Galloway

“A deep & soulful expansion of the innermost me has evolved from the mastery of Inna and Ty’s deeply knowledgeable teachings “

''Trusting to go into the raw intimate space within to objectively observe my innermost truths, has had a profoundly powerful and deeply healing experience for me.''

''Being taught real, tangible & enlightening information with Inna & Ty that resonates deeply allowed me to trust & delve into the depths and details of my inner world like no other teachings do''-
Mechel Pearson (Massage Therapist)


As a condition of the sale, tickets are non refundable or exchanged for another event – Attendee name can be changed however

Deposits are non-refundable

No recording or photography is permitted at the events without the permission of the event organiser

Inna always tunes into the energy of the group she works with and shares what is the most important for the people present to understand in order to heal. Thus, certain aspects of the workshop may change. We encourage you to come with an open mind and an open heart . Inna can only teach what is safe - for you to experience without personal support from her when the workshop ends. Having said that many people have experience incredible pain relief and insights which have been life changing.

(No workshop that Inna teaches is ever the same, so if you have attended an event with a similar name and description you will find a lot of new / or different material

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