Regenerating Nervous

System, Immune system,

And the heart

What's Inside

Revitalize your mind body and soul as you strengthen your immune system, regenerate your nervous system and open your heart. Dive into relaxation and renewal with three soothing, transformational audios designed to enhance your overall well-being.

Healing Your Heart : In this audio you will connect to your heart let go of stress and experience the power of unconditional love. This track helps you to reconnect to your heart and soul and to let go of the past so that you can create a future full of self love and self care.

Regenerating Nervous System : This track helps you to  relax and use specific colours, intentions, visualisations, feelings and words to  revitalizes your nervous system.  Use this audio to release tension, handle challenges effortlessly, and enjoy a clearer mind.

Strengthen your Immune System : This audio assists you to release stress, insecurity, and conflict from your immune system. Inna also guides you towards strengthening your immune system so that it can keep you healthy and vibrant. 

This program was created to help you deal with all of lifes challenges in the most optimal manner, whilst keeping your heart open and your inner self strong, clear and calm. 


Regenerating Nervous System, Immune System,

and the Heart


  • Healing Your Heart 

  • Regenerating Nervous System 

  • Regenerating Your Immune System