The Secret Language

of Your Emotions

Volume 1

What's Inside

Introducing "The Secret Language of Your Emotions Volume 1" – a transformative audio program based on Inna Segal's bestselling book, The Secret Language of Your Body, designed to unlock the mysteries of your emotions and guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Welcome to a world where emotions are not just felt but understood, where negative energy is transformed into positivity, and where the power of your mind, body, and spirit are harnessed for holistic well-being. 

Join Inna Segal, a world-renowned healer, as she takes you through a groundbreaking program to release destructive emotions and embrace positive feelings. From anger and fear to love and joy, Inna guides you through short, simple powerful processes, offering a unique blend of intuition, visualisation and healing frequencies. 

Enter into a gateway to understand the secret language your emotions!

Immerse yourself in a guided process that encourages you to release negativity, cultivate positive emotions, and bring harmony to your mind and body. Whether you're dealing with anger, criticism, or seeking peace, these processes, when repeated, act as a catalyst for profound healing. 

How It Works:

  • Tuning Into Your Body: Experience relaxation, self-discovery, and healing through breath, visualization, and creating a new energetic pathway.

    Emotional Healing Process: A step-by-step guide to releasing stuck emotions. Let divine healing intelligence dissolve blockages, strain, and resistance, allowing your body to return to a state of balance and health. 

  • Releasing Anger: Acknowledge and release anger with a powerful process. Transform destructive emotions into peace, realizing that anger does not define you but can be replaced with something softer and healthier. 

  • Experience Peace: Bathe in the healing light of peace and tranquillity. Allow your consciousness to shift from irritation and anger to enthusiasm, balance, and passion for life. 

  • Releasing Attack and Criticism: Free yourself from the weight of attack and criticism. Dissolve negative thoughts and experiences, awakening courage, compassion, and self-belief. 

  • The Encouragement Process: Elevate your self-opinion, life force, and spirit with the pure white ray of honour. Surround yourself with encouragement, praise, and harmony to foster a holy relationship with yourself. 

  • Releasing Fear, Anxiety & Worry: Let go of the chains that bind you and experience a liberating release from fear, anxiety, and worry. Inna Segal's soothing guidance will lead you to a place of serenity and calm.

  • Experience Love: Immerse yourself in the purest vibrations of love. This enchanting track is a heartfelt journey that will connect you with the boundless love within, creating a harmonious symphony of emotions.

  • Releasing Depression:  Break free from the shadows of depression as Inna Segal guides you through a transformative process. Rediscover the light within and embrace a renewed sense of hope and vitality.

  • Experience Joy: Elevate your spirits and bask in the uplifting melodies that encapsulate the essence of joy. Let Inna Segal's guidance led you to a state of pure bliss and happiness.

  • Releasing Guilt: Release the burden of guilt and experience a profound sense of forgiveness and self-compassion. This track is a powerful journey towards self-forgiveness and emotional liberation.

  • Experience Innocence: Rediscover the purity and innocence that resides within you. Inna Segal's gentle guidance will help you peel away layers of complexity, revealing the untarnished essence of your true self.

Embark on a journey where your emotions become allies, negativity is transmuted into positivity, and your well-being is the ultimate destination. Transform your life with "The Secret Language V1" – your key to unlocking the power within.


Volume 1

The Secret Language of

Your Emotions


  • Welcome

  • Introduction

  • Tuning Into Your Body

  • Emotional Healing Process

  • Releasing Anger

  • Experience Peace

  • Releasing Attack And Criticism

  • The Encouragement Process

  • Releasing Fear, Anxiety & Worry

  • Experience Love

  • Releasing Depression

  • Experience Joy

  • Releasing Guilt

  • Experience Innocence 

Approximate Running Time: 1hr 26min