The Secret Language

of Your Emotions

Volume 2

What's Inside

"Unlock the Secrets Within: The Secret Language of Your Emotions Volume 2 Audio Series"

Embark on a transformative journey with "The Secret Language of Your Emotions Volume 2," a revolutionary audio program created by bestselling author of The Secret Language of Your Body, Inna Segal. Immerse yourself in a world of emotional healing, where each audio serves as a powerful companion to Inna's acclaimed book, "The Secret Language of Your Body."

 Join Inna Segak on a profound exploration of emotions, from releasing failure and rejection to embracing success and happiness. This audio program offers a unique blend of guided processes and healing frequencies designed to elevate your life. You will be guided to tune into your body, work with general emotions and then connect to specific feelings that you are ready to meet, transform or enhance. 

Emotional Healing Process: Unveil suppressed emotions with a guided healing processes. Let the orange-red flame of purification dissolve despair, fear, and self-criticism, allowing your body's natural healing intelligence to restore balance.

Releasing Failure: Break free from the chains of failure with a profound process. Inna's soothing voice, combined with the orange-red sword of light, cuts you loose from  the fear of failure, empowering you to charge forward with renewed belief and confidence.

Experience Success: Bask in the golden rays of success. Open yourself to recognition, celebrate achievements, and magnetize abundance. This process invites you to envision a life filled with success, prosperity, and shared blessings.

Releasing Rejection: Release the fear of rejection with Inna's transformative process. The orange-red ray of purification frees you from self-pity, allowing your inner strength to shine. Embrace acceptance and recognition in its place.

Experience Recognition: Bathe in the pink ray of love, opening your heart to joy and connection. Recognize the divine soul within, fostering healing in current relationships and welcoming new connections that support and cherish you.

Releasing Sadness, Grief, and Loss: Navigate through suppressed grief and sadness with Inna's healing process. The orange-red flame dissolves negative emotions, bringing hidden blessings to the surface and helping you grow wiser and stronger.

Experience Happiness: Invite the yellow ray of happiness into every aspect of your being. Awaken laughter, joy, and fun, revitalizing your cells and energizing your life. Make happiness a conscious choice.

Releasing Unworthiness and Low Self-Esteem: Dissolve feelings of unworthiness with Inna's transformative process. The orange-red flame melts away thoughts and experiences of limitation, bringing back confidence, faith, and inner power.

 Experience Confidence: Invoke the gold ray of wisdom to awaken inner strength and self-worth. Open your heart to love, joy, and enthusiasm, and let the light of wisdom and faith strengthen your belief in yourself.

Embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and healing. 


Volume 2

The Secret Language of

Your Emotions


  • Welcome

  • Introduction

  • Tuning Into Your Body

  • Emotional Healing Process

  • Releasing Failure

  • Experience Success

  • Releasing Rejection

  • Experience Recognition

  • Releasing Sadness, Grief and Lost

  • Experience Happiness

  • Releasing Unworthiness And Low Self-Esteem

  • Experience Confidence 

Approximate Running Time: 1hR 23min