During this

2 hour Master Class You Will:

  • Discover how to begin to recognise the language with which your body communicates.
  • Truly understand what elements can create dis-ease in your body and what you can do to start creating change today?
  • Discover why pain is a messenger from your body and what it truly wants to share with you.
  • Find out in which subtle body pain occurs…
  • Understand which subtle body contains chronic pain.
  • Learn what questions you need to focus on in order to begin your healing journey!
  • Befriend your body.
  • Work with a powerful healing process to release physical and emotional pain.
  • Discover how to use The Secret Language of Your Body in a more effective way for faster and deeper results.
  • Be guided through a powerful healing process to release pain and trapped emotions.
  • And so much more!


The love and compassion with which Inna guides you, allows you to go so deep within yourself, to get the insights you need for transformational growth and change. You cannot place a monetary value on the work that Inna does and how these courses can empower you for the rest of your life.

- Tracy Holman

Every aspect of my life, living, relationships and understanding has changed since working with Inna. I am well equipped now to handle the challenges that occur in my life, internally and externally. I have tools and processes to bring me back to alignment. So much gratitude for Inna, I have learnt to become best friends with my body, my inner children and all the parts of me that make me ME!

- Wendy Major

My hot flushes/flashes, have gone or are very mild, I hardly notice them. I'm sleeping so much better through the night now. No tossing and throwing off my sheets. Feels great.

- Jennifer L'Estrange Mayhew

After doing your processes I am enjoying feeling deeply again, (after being numb and dealing with addictions for years), and my creativity is flowing like never before. Thank you Inna, great work.

- Russell Sutton

I have experienced a quantum shift and lift toward my higher self and purpose.

- Gillian Willson