Success, Money, & Prosperity audio program contains powerful processes which can support you in the process of befriend money manifesting your greatest dreams and desires.

What's Inside

By listening to these healing tracks:

  • you will be encouraged to release your limitations around money and any dreams and opportunities that you may desire.

  • You will be able to befriend money and allow it to flow more easily and consistently into your life.

  • You will also be guided to release fear, guilt and stress around money and to instead embrace gratitude for the money and the abundance you currently have, as well as what is coming into your reality.

This program contains ample amount of ideas of how you can expand your capacity to attract money, abundance, opportunities and success into your life.

You will also be guided to become comfortable with and receive more prosperity into your life.

As you listen your self worth, courage and confidence will strengthen. You will also have the opportunity to reconnect to your deepest passion, love of life, gratitude and creative abilities. Creating the kind of life that you would want to fully participate in and cherish.


Success, Money and Prosperity


  • Become a Money Magnet

  • The Wealth Generator

  • The Miraculous Manifestation

Approximate Running Time: 50 min


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