Colour Healing

For Children

Immerse your child in a world of vibrant imagination and relaxation as they embark on a journey through the power of colours. In this delightful series, each session unveils a unique colour, bringing forth a host of positive emotions and skills.

What's Inside

Introducing our captivating audio program, "Colour Healing Meditations for Children," narrated by Raphael Segal and Angelina Segal's youthful voices. This is a healing program created for children by children with the help of Inna Segal. The program can be used for children from as young as 2 till around 12 years of age.

Pink - Feeling Love in Your Heart: Dive into the warm embrace of pink, fostering love and kindness. Through guided visualizations, children explore the beauty of love, receiving hugs, roses, and affirmations that nurture their hearts.

Blue - Relax and Feel Peace: Glide through calming blue waters with a friendly dolphin, discovering a crystal that brings relaxation and tranquillity. Squeeze the crystal to unwind and release stress, promoting peaceful sleep.

Green - Grow Strong and Healthy: Frolic in green meadows, tasting green ice cream, and becoming a towering giant. Learn the importance of nutritious food, promising strength and the ability to pursue exciting adventures.

Yellow - Clever Thinking of Dinosaurs, Dolphins, and Adventures: Bask in the sunny glow of yellow, as children engage in a beachside game of learning and sharing interesting facts. Boost creativity and effective studying with the power of the sunlit hue.

Orange - Creativity, Imagination, and Laughter: Join a magical adventure guided by an orange squirrel. Slither down a jelly slide, laugh uncontrollably, and unleash boundless creativity. 

Purple - People Lead and Connect with the World of Magic: Don purple glasses and step into a realm of fairies and angels. Activate your special spot for connecting to the invisible world, gaining wisdom and imaginative insights. 

Red - Energy, Strength, and Balance: Encounter a red fire-breathing dragon that helps release negative emotions. Channel its energy for confidence, strength, and love, ensuring a revitalized and empowered mindset. 

Affirmations for Kids: Conclude the series with empowering affirmations, reinforcing positivity, self-love, and the joy of life. Nurture your child's well-being with these declarations of strength and happiness. 

Indulge your little ones in this enchanting audio experience, encouraging mindfulness, creativity, and emotional well-being.


Colour Healing For Children


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